Section III - A Spiritual Being Living in the World of Matter

This section explores the ways your spirit and bodymind work in harmony, how neither can achieve what they desire without the other, and how you—as part of Creator—co-create the world you live in.

We are all angelic beings who volunteered for this assignment: to come down to this dense planet and clothe ourselves in biological raiment in this grand experiment, learning the lessons and experiencing the trials of an earthly existence. We come here to learn and grow and evolve—and to achieve our deepest desires, the desires of our heart. Our lesson plan includes bringing our bodymind up to the level of our spiritual awareness.

The body you are living in for this lifetime distorts the information you receive into particular perspectives: like whether your body is athletic or artistic, male or female, skinny or large, the level of health you experience, your ethnicity or the part of the world you grow up in. As you plumb the depths of your capabilities, this world provides trials to your physical body, your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, values, principles and beliefs. The body you inhabit for this lifetime is the unique lens through which you observe the world and your own inner nature.

As a spirit, your job is to teach your bodymind how to cherish, be truthful and decisive—and to keep these three qualities in an exquisite state of balance throughout all the difficulties and experiences you encounter. The lessons you learn as you navigate these incredible dimensions become the crucible of fire that transforms you from mere potential into a fully-actualized being. This is the essence of alchemy.

Navigating Your Seven-Dimensional Body
Your spirit lives in the eternal moment, the gap between time and space. When you chose to live in the physical universe—and you made that choice—you incarnated into a physical body that gave your spirit access to seven wonderful dimensions. Each of the dimensions has such profound wonders for your spirit to experience:

  1. Physical: Your physical body gives your spirit access to all manner of movement and adventures: all of the different sports, dancing, hiking, swimming, making love, eating sensuous foods and enjoying the world through the five senses.
  2. Etheric: This is the energy double to your physical body and gives the most direct reflection of your overall health. When you hold a blouse or shirt up to the mirror and look at how the color of the garment either enlivens your face or diminishes it, you are looking at your etheric body. This body directly responds to the quality of your food and drink, exercise and rest. When you look at the “color” in a person’s face you are glimpsing their etheric body. The color reflects their vitality.
  3. Mental: The third dimension gives your spirit access to all the physical sciences, philosophies, religions, mythologies, cultural mores and all the ways you communicate with others. The mental realm operates through your brain and nervous system. Until quantum physics, all our sciences were restricted to only considering the physical and mental realms, as if the other dimensions didn’t count. Scientists are awakening to the wonders of a multi-dimensional universe.
  4. Emotional: Every moment that you feel the feelings that come up, and reflect on them, gives you access to the eternal wisdom of your spirit. Becoming aware of, and feeling all your feelings, expands all the horizons of your awareness and helps you spiritually evolve at a much faster rate. Your kidney/bladder system rules this dimension.
  5. Causal: The fifth dimension is ruled by your acupuncture meridians, which exert enough stable pressure to maintain your auric field, a discernable energy field that extends out from your body about three feet in all directions, including above your head and below your feet. Your aura, or auric field, has the shape of a big energy egg surrounding your physical body. It insulates you from having to experience everyone’s pain and thoughts when they are in close proximity to you, giving you autonomy to live your own life without undue influence from everyone around you.
  6. Attitudinal: The sixth dimension—ruled by your endocrine system— produces hormones that stabilize your emotions and allow you to discern sensory and extra-sensory perceptions and translate them into a language your heart-ruled mind can assimilate. This is where you develop your attitudes about what you want to do, what you like or dislike, what you accept or reject. When your awareness expands into this system, your values and principles define your attitudes, thoughts and actions.
  7. Enlightened: The seventh dimension is ruled by your chakras. You have seven principal chakras, representing the seven levels of your enlightenment. Your chakras are the subtlest organs of your body, with very subtle, flower-like petals that spin faster and develop pure rainbow-like colors as you become more loving, truthful and decisive. When you flood your body with emotions like jealousy, anger, malice, or worry, the colors of your chakras become murky and dark, making them less able to access the spiritual wisdom that is all around you.


Why Life Seems Difficult
The denseness of gravity here on Earth makes desires for food, shelter and material wealth seem so all-consuming that they can easily take control of your life. For most of history, so much of our consciousness was channeled toward meeting our physical needs and desires that we severely sublimated our spiritual growth.

As we start to wake up, we realize that at any given moment we have millions of things to be thankful for, and only a few hundred that cause us consternation. But our brain's unconscious default is to focus on the problems and complain instead of saying “yes” to the lessons our spirit and soul bring us. We often become so preoccupied with the problems of the world that we forget how much we have to be thankful for.

As our spirit evolves—and our inner world becomes more important than the outer world—we learn to rise above the dense gravity that draws us down into our needs, desires and our mind’s “stories” about all the problems around us. We learn to align with the finest qualities of our heart. In this crucible of time and space, we get to refine and flesh out all the finer qualities of our spirit. Spiritual alchemy.

Earth is a difficult world to incarnate into. Life can be hard. But actually, we humans crave difficulty. We need it! And we all volunteered to be here. More importantly, we chose our parents—partly for their strengths, and partly for their qualities that we rail against. We chose this life.

There are so many obstacles to overcome just in a normal day, not to mention the really hard days. But we are here because Earth is where we have the most opportunity for transformation and change, for real spiritual growth.

Excerpted from Body Intelligence, A New Paradigm by John L. Mayfield, D.C.